HIV/AIDs mitigation and prevention; Health and Hygeine projects

HIV/AIDS presents a major challenge to the individual and to the collective well-being and security of people in Malawi. Malawi’s review of the HIV/AIDS control programme led to the formulation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework for the period of 2000 to 2004, emphasising the need for an expanded and multi-sectoral response to HIV/AIDS and incorporating care, support and impact mitigation as integral parts of the response. Chimwemwe’s programmes reflect these priorities, working together with other stakeholders, to protect the vulnerable and marginalised, and to reduce the impact of the epidemic on their lives.

Chimwemwe will carry out the following activities in the eastern and southern part of Malawi in order to curb the impact of HIV/AIDS on vulnerable children.

HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention

HIV/AIDS and heath care

Hygiene education support

Supplementary and life-skills education