Child Rights and Advocacy

smiling boyChimwemwe has carried out advocacy work to build people’s understanding of the children’s needs and potential, and to increase the responsibility of the duty-bearers, and to prevent more children ending up on the streets. It provides protection to children who are in conflict with the law through facilitating bail-bonds, and helps the police to address child-abuse cases. It gives children a voice in issues affecting them through radio and newspaper interviews. The project set-up is to be part of a coalition of organizations working with children on the street to better influence national policy and practice on children’s rights.

The project aims to raise children’s awareness of their rights and responsibilities, help them to develop dignity and a positive self image and to participate in decisions affecting them. It also aims to reduce incidences of abuse and violence against the children.

Chimwemwe is working to improve Child Rights in the following ways:

Children’s awareness of rights and responsibilities

Street Life Prevention

Children’s voice and public responsibility