Income Generation Support

shoe-shine boysChimwemwe Children’s Centre will implement activities which will support vulnerable children and their families affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and mitigate against further impact of the disease. It aims to bring long term change in the lives of children through strengthening the children’s families, resolving the root problems that brought them onto the streets and enabling them to build good relationships.

The project has already assisted over 20 children to return back to school. Those children have been provided with school uniforms, school funds and writing materials. For those in secondary schools, Chimwemwe has paid for text books, school fees, and school funds. 70% of them have passed their end of term exams. Chimwemwe will also economically empower the families of reintegrated children through small loans for income-generating activities.

Chimwemwe will support Income Generation in the following ways:

Family livelihood sustainability

Children’s income and life-skills