Recreational Activities

two boys playing a board-gameChimwemwe’s primary beneficiaries are the children who live and/or who beg on the streets of Malawi, and their families. treet children are one of the poorest and most vulnerable groups in Malawi. On the streets, children face dangers of sexual abuse, beatings and imprisonment and the lure of more dangerous forms of child labour such as carrying heavy loads, drug dealing and theft. Much of Chimwemwe's work involves the development of trust between the children and the staff of Chimwemwe.

Chimwemwe will make contact with newcomers on the street and establish an entry point for Chimwemwe activities and build strong relationships of mutual understanding and trust between workers and children, and among the children themselves. In addition, the project offers counselling to children and the ability to be involved in social and recreational activities.

Chimwemwe will support Recreational Activities in the following ways:

Building relationships of trust


Recreation and social development